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Rubik's Riches!


Rubik's Riches is a new and fresh arcade style casino game. If you've ever played a Rubik's Cube, you'll feel right at home. For those of us who went to school with a Rubik's Cube in our backback in the 1980's, this new game is a terrific blast from the past.

Instead of reels and the typical paylines, you see 3 side of the Rubik's Cube. Your goal is to match 3 colours in a horizontal or vertical line - just like in the real game.

Rubik's Riches comes with an exciting bonus game that leads to free plays (the same as free spins). There are interesting features like auto-play, turbo mode (which can speed things up considerably) and even Change Audio which lets you listen to two different versions of the game's sound. The developers of Rubik's Riches really want you to have a nostalgic arcade experience!

Rubik's Riches Symbols

The symbols of Rubik's Riches are colours. You're goal is to match the colours 3 times in a row - vertically or horizontally.

The colours to be matched are white, yellow, red, blue and green. Instead of a winning payline where you usually match 5 reels, on Rubik's Riches you match 3 rows (or 3 reels).

As there are 3 rows of 3, you can match 6 rows per "cube face". With 3 cube faces, you can hit a total of 18. Match 18 cube rows is the equivalent of completing a real Rubik's Cube.

If you match 1 row, you win a payout. Matching 2 rows is worth even more - and so on and so forth. Matching 16 rows is worth 10,000 coins. Match all 18 rows for a 40,000 coin jackpot!

Rubik's Colourful Symbols

3 Ways To Win

Rubik's Riches offers 3 ways to win. The first way to win is via regular line payouts that are made of 3 rows.

To win a line payout, you match 3 rows of the same colour (green, blue, white, yellow or red). There are a total of 18 rows that you can possibly match. Match all 18 for a terrific jackpot of 40,000 coins!

The 2nd way to win payouts in Rubik's Riches is via Face Payouts. If you match all 9 squares on a cube face, you win a lot more than the 6 line payouts. This is called a Face Payout in Rubik's Riches.

The 3rd way to win cash in Rubik's Riches is when you light up Rubik's logo. Every time you play (or "spin") the game, 1 or more letters from the word "Rubik's" light up. Light up every letter to enter a bonus game and win cash.

3 Sides to the Cube!

Rubik's Free Plays

The logo in Rubik's Riches isn't there just for show. It leads to Rubik's Free Plays Bonus. Every time you click on play, some of the letters in the logo will light up.

When all of the letters in the word "Rubik's" light up, you're in for free plays (the same as free spins). Now you get to choose 1 of the squares on the cube and peel off the colour.

Every time you peel a colour off the cube, you can either win a cash payout or additional cubes. Yes, additional cubes will appear on the reels. They give you even more chances to win.

You've never seen a bonus game like this!

Light the Cube!

Rubik's Review

Rubik's Riches is a refreshing change of pace from the usual slot spinning that we do here.

First of all, its an original idea to turn the Rubik's Cube into an arcade game and use the rows and columns as substitutes for reels and paylines. You can match up to 18 rows per play.

When you hit the bonus game, you're going to love seeing multiplier cubes on the screen. When we peeled off colours, we saw up to 9 Rubik's Cubes on the screen at once!

There's a lot of action in Rubik's Riches and the gameplay is new and fresh.

Original Gameplay!

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